Lutfia Kamish

By: Creative Indaba

1. Introduce yourself. Who are you, and what do yo do?

I am an Illustrator, Graphic Designer and Storyteller from the Cape Flats. I dabble in multiple mediums, always exploring ways to communicate visually, to inspire and motivate little ones to love to learn and lessen the gap in literacy in South Africa.


2. How would you describe yourself, and your style, or style of work?

My style of illustration and design is experimental and eclectic, with a dash of childish reverie and adventure. I think I’m like this in real-life as well.

I love inventing scenarios to create fantastical themes within my work, while also bringing through my culture as an African-born muslim.
I love creating art that contrasts and challenges common perception, and telling the stories of the undermined in different techniques (collage, digital and linoprint to name a few.)


3. What drives you?

My main drive is to use my abilities to combat literacy levels in South African children and people facing societal economic issues such as poverty, drugs and crime.

I believe design and illustration can make the world better and that’s what I try to bring across in every piece. It motivates me to tell stories that is not told, to speak about concepts like racism, sexuality and mental health in a healthy and child-friendly way.

Art and Design can bring people closer, a quick look at my own community is motivation enough.

4. What where your challenges in life growing up and in what you do?

My biggest challenge to date is accepting that I am different. Every step of the way I had to claw my way out of various prejudices.
It will always cloud someones judgement of the work that I do, so I let my work speak for itself.


5. What’s you definition of success?

Success to me is making an impact on a child’s life. If one story or illustration of mine can teach a child a thing, make their world brighter or trigger their imagination that would be enough.


6. What are your future plans?

I plan to create a series of Children’s picture books and use my skills to create cost-effective spaces where children can learn and play safely.

I am especially interested in collaborating with brands that support and promote literacy and learning for women and children in underprivileged circumstances. I firmly believe art can bring positive social change and would love to help organisations make our futures brighter.


7. Who do you look up to? Your inspirations:

Daniel Ting-Chong, a South African designer that fears nothing! Pharell Wiliams, who always uses his powers for the sake of building a better world and my parents who always told me to do what I want, so I’m doing just that!


8. What would you like to leave behind, or how would you like to be remembered?

I want to leave behind some of my passion and gumption and my belief that anything is possible. I want to have taught at least one person to love to learn and carry on the importance of what it means to care for the younger generations.



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