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It’s okay to dress up the way you want. Express yourself fully. Make powerful and bold statements. Go the extreme, where there are no rules when it comes to dress up…Yeah! so what!!  This is Harajuku.

The name was inspired by a local station in Tokyo and also that’s where the trendy fashion originated. It started in 80’s and spread across japanese streets, and also got the world’s attention as a phenomenon avant-garde style.
It’s inspired by a western way of dressing as well as most of Japanese sub-culture dressing like kimono,Gothic lolita, Wooden sandals, Decora, Gyaru and all other mixture of styles of dressing.

Harajuku fashion style is a movement against the common societal rules and norms of how we should dress

The style of Harajuku can be described as avant-garde
Harajuku is known internationally as a center of Japanese youth culture and fashion. Very bright and coloful. The first thing that comes to your mind when you see them all dressed up, is bucket of fruits.

Its more like having fun with dessing up, not ristricting yourself by any sort of rules. Going back to when you were a kid, who would put on all sort of colors at one time, cosplay suit, coloful or mohawk hair style and just have fun looking different from the rest. Immagination and layering-up play a vital role in the style

Courtesy of tokyofashion.com, http://www.rebelsmarket.com


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